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You and your favourite shirt have been through a lot together, and throwing it in the washing machine is always a tough choice. With Beko AquaWave® technology, there’s no need to worry. Aided by a set of paddles and a specially designed drum pattern, a wave-like motion is created to gently move your laundry inside the machine, giving garments more exposure and increasing drying performance. You’ll save on energy too. You and your favourite shirt will have a lot more nights-out to come.


Sorting the laundry into piles of different kinds of fabric? That’s just too much work. What if there was a washing machine to take that load off your hands? Well, there is. Beko’s AutoProgram and smart sensors will automatically work out what type of fabric you’ve put in, how many garments there are and choose the right washing program for you. Cottons, synthetics, blended - all done. Washing your clothes really can be that easy.

GentleCare 20°™ Program

The Beko GentleCare 20°™ program washes the cottons you love more gently, helping to protect their texture and colour, and to prolong their life. It also uses just half the energy of a 40°C wash*. Double bonus. *Tested by 3rd party laboratories.
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Front Load

Beko is a global domestic appliance and consumer electronics brand which provides a wide product range to make the best use of space in your home.

  • WMB71001M+
    • Capacity (kg) : 7
    • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1000

  • EV 7102
    • Capacity (kg) : 7
    • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1000

  • WMY 814831
    • Capacity (kg) : 8
    • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1400


  • WMY 914831
    • Capacity (kg) : 9
    • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1400


  • WMY 1214441
    • Capacity (kg) : 12.0
    • Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) : 1400